Replacement of teeth is about more than a procedure. It involves gaining back a quality of your life that you may have been missing. And the team at Advanced Dental Implant Institute believes the steps to get there are as important as the end result. That’s why we approach each patient as a unique situation and address your issues in the most professional and reassuring manner. Dr. Hunt and his support staff are welcoming and efficient in answering your questions, allaying your fears, making you feel comfortable and guiding you through the process. And with the most advanced technology at our fingertips, you can be confident that you are receiving the best the implant industry has to offer.


Dr. Hunt and staff have years of experience in placing dental implants. We will assess your situation, hear your concerns, and guide you through the various options. Our recommendation will be based on what we decide together will be best for you, physically, emotionally and financially. So you can feel good about the choice of treatment, and know you are in experienced hands.

We will work with you and your general dentist. If your general dentist refers you to us, we collaborate with you and the dentist, because again, it’s all about you and what’s best for you.


We use the most advanced available techniques. Our equipment is state of the art. We use cutting-edge 3D CT scan technology in our office, which allows us to actually see and assess precisely what needs to be done before beginning the surgery. We are one of the few specialists in this region that has this capability.

As the industry advances, so does Advanced Dental Implant Institute—we are committed to an ongoing education of the upcoming technology available, and updating our equipment to maintain the highest level of care.