Advanced Dental Implant Institute is happy to accept referrals and provide services to the patients of general dentists. We appreciate your referrals and look forward to collaborating with you on your patient’s dental implant treatment. Our team includes dentists and support staff who have completed extensive education and study in the field of implant dentisty. Dr. Hunt has been placing dental implants for over 15 years.

Dr. Hunt will work with you to discuss your patient’s medical history, evaluate radiographic findings and plan treatment based on the patient’s needs and desires. We will provide the services you request and return the patient to you for definitive treatment.

Advanced Dental Implant Institute provides the following services:

  • Consultation
  • 3D Cone beam scan
  • Panorex - TMJ Xray
  • Routine Extraction
  • Surgical Extraction
  • Dental implant placement
  • Extraction and immediate implant placement
  • Immediate load implants
  • CT guided implant placement
  • Sinus graft / lift
  • Guided bone regeneration with autogenous grafts or allografts
  • The Nobel Biocare All-on-4 Protocol
  • Subperiosteal implant
  • Alveoloplasty
  • Vestibule Extension & Tissue Graft
  • Exposure of Unerupted tooth
Patient Referral form
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