Whatever your tooth replacement needs, we have solutions. We can help you with all of your concerns. There are so many options available today, we would love to discuss them with you to see which is a good fit for you.

Loose fitting dentures and/or partials 1) ALL-ON-4
2) Mini Implant
Teeth in one day
Minimally invasive
Immediate function
Multiple unit bridge Single Dental Implants Surrounding teeth are unaffected
Immediate function
Missing one or more teeth Single Dental Implants Improves chewing
Immediate function
Not happy with your smile due to missing teeth Multiple Dental Implants Natural smile
Immediate function
Wish to improve your ability to chew Single/Multiple Dental Implants Improves chewing
Would like to improve your speech due to missing teeth Single/Multiple Dental Implants Improved Speech

Implants are done for a variety of reasons. Almost half the people in the United States are missing one or more teeth. No longer are implants considered experimental. They are highly dependable and an effective, affordable option to replace missing teeth. Implants can be used to replace single teeth, multiple teeth and to stabilize loose fitting partials or dentures. Implants give you the ability to smile confidently, speak well and provide improved chewing. Implants replace the root portion of a tooth.


An implant is placed into the bone, allowing for permanent replacement of missing teeth. Implants are a permanent solution to many dental problems.

ALL ON 4alt

For patients with ill-fitting dentures or partials, the great strides in the field of dentistry, such as the All On 4, will be a benefit to our patients. This is an immediate function procedure, eliminating months of healing time that is typical with traditional implants.

All On 4 uses four implants to secure the denture permanently in the patient’s mouth. Using 4 implants saves on cost. Additionally, the surgery and denture placement can be done in one day, with the patient eating and conversing immediately.


Mini dental implants eliminate the need for extensive surgery. A partial or denture is fabricated as normal. Minimally invasive micro-surgery is performed with no incisions or sutures. This requires only a few drops of local anesthetic. Once the mini implant is in place, your denture is relined to fit. The precision attachments and the denture are worn the same day and the procedure takes a little over an hour.

This new technology allows denture wearers to have dentures that are solid, secure, stable and functional.

Placement and removal of the denture is an easily learned skill, which we will walk you through in the office.


If you have more than one tooth missing, multiple implants can be placed followed by crowns.

This is a permanent option which is often a better solution than a partial denture. The advantage over a partial is that the adjacent teeth do not have to be reduced as in conventional bridgework. The new crowns do not require support from surrounding teeth.


Whether you have a single tooth missing in the front or back, a single implant is an excellent solution compared to a removable partial.

An implant actually replaces the entire tooth structure from the root to the crown. It is implanted into the jawbone and not only improves function, it is also extremely natural looking.